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Fifty Shades Of Brown: 3D Printing With Sugar


[Norbert Heinz] has been busy for the 2021 Hackaday Prize entry, engaged on the design of a direct granule extruder for 3D printing with waste supplies, or supplies that aren’t supplied within the type of a filament. Sugar is fairly widespread in most households, so since that’s already obtainable in granular kind, [Norbert] gave 3D printing with granulated sugar a attempt. (Video, embedded under.)
[Editor’s note: He earned fifth place for this one! Well, not the sugar in particular, but the overall great work on granular extruders.]
Success was considerably variable, because the gloopy materials is notoriously fickle to work with, however the setup did produce some buildings that stayed in a single piece, a minimum of for some time. Initially [Norbert] tried it actual sluggish, successfully printing with the liquified candy stuff, by dragging a molten blob of it round on the tip of the extruder nozzle. While this did work, the ensuing print decision did go away one thing to be desired. The following factor tried was elevated print velocity. This produced clearer prints, because the sugar didn’t have time to caramelise, or kind a noticeable blob, however as quickly because the mattress began to chill, it induced it to crack badly.
Going sluggish appeared to be the best way ahead, as extra time to chill could have lowered the stresses within the construction as a result of elevated cooling time. However anyway, the best way we see it, is it’s enjoyable making an attempt, and if it fails, you may simply eat it, as long as you disregard all that meals security stuff anyway.
[Norbert] paperwork the granule extruder journey on the challenge web page, so it ought to be simple sufficient to duplicate that is you had been so inclined.
We’ve lined a couple of sugary hacks earlier than; Want a renewable mattress adhesive? out of glue stick? attempt sugar as a mattress adhesive! Printing in gloopy, sloppy supplies is nothing new in any respect, we lined it practically ten years in the past.

Due to [Nils] for the tip!




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